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Tribe DAO

The Tribe DAO has ultimate control over the Tribe ecosystem. It has the highest level access control roles, including:

  • Arbitrarily moving PCV
  • Minting FEI
  • Creating and granting new access roles

The Tribe DAO is controlled by Tribe token holders and in order to perform an action it requires a proposal to be created and passed. The proposal threshold is 2.5M TRIBE, with quorum being 25M TRIBE.

The contract is available here: FeiDAO.sol and it is an instance of OpenZeppelin's OZ Governor, with a module to make it compatible with GovernorBravo.


The total time between a set of actions being proposed and those being executed is 3 days. This is broken down as:

  • Voting period: 2 days
  • Timelock period: 1 day

How to vote on proposals

New DAO proposals can be created and voted on through the Tally interface: