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Tribal Council

1. Who are the Tribal Council members?

The Tribal Council members are 9 protocol operators and community members:

0xc8eefb8b3d50ca87Da7F99a661720148acf97EfA - Brianna Montgomery
0x72b7448f470D07222Dbf038407cD69CC380683F3 - Fishy
0xA6D08774604d6Da7C96684ca6c4f61f89c4e5b96 - Bruno Rodrigues
0xe0ac4559739bD36f0913FB0A3f5bFC19BCBaCD52 - Joey Santoro
0xC2138f77E97A9Ac0A4bC26F42D80D29D1a091866 - Jack Lipstone
0x9f5e6F58CC8823D3c022AeBE3942EeF689E9AcD9 - Jack Longarzo
0xaB339ae6eab3C3CF4f5885E56F7B49391a01DDA6 - State
0xd90E9181B20D8D1B5034d9f5737804Da182039F6 - OneTrueKirk
0x7671f0615B1764fb4bf4b8dF06B7338843f99678 - Freddie Farmer

They were elected in a Snapshot vote ( and ratified as part of a DAO vote (

2. What is the Tribal Council podId


All existing pods and their associated identifiers can be found here

Nope DAO

1. What is the difference between a veto and a proposal cancellation by the Nope DAO?

A veto and Nope DAO cancellation are the same thing. The Nope DAO is the mechanism by which the community vetos a pod proposal in a timelock.

2. Can the Nope DAO veto TRIBE DAO proposals


3. What are the criteria for executing a Nope veto?

For a particular proposal: numForVotes + numAbstainVotes >= 10M and numForVotes > numAgainstVotes