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Tribal Council

Pods are hierarchical in nature. The most powerful pod is the Tribal Council and it is composed of community members and protocol experts who were elected in a Snapshot vote ( and instated by a subsequent DAO vote:

The Tribal Council is able govern the protocol on an operational day to day basis. It is intended as a governance "express lane" in order to enact non-controversial proposals on-chain in a low friction manner.

To do this, it has several significant roles. These roles are documented in the part of these docs.

The Tribal Council is implemented as a 5 of 9 multisig with a 4 day timelock. The following 9 members were elected:

0xc8eefb8b3d50ca87Da7F99a661720148acf97EfA - Brianna Montgomery
0x72b7448f470D07222Dbf038407cD69CC380683F3 - Fishy
0xA6D08774604d6Da7C96684ca6c4f61f89c4e5b96 - Bruno Rodrigues
0xe0ac4559739bD36f0913FB0A3f5bFC19BCBaCD52 - Joey Santoro
0xC2138f77E97A9Ac0A4bC26F42D80D29D1a091866 - Jack Lipstone
0x9f5e6F58CC8823D3c022AeBE3942EeF689E9AcD9 - Jack Longarzo
0xaB339ae6eab3C3CF4f5885E56F7B49391a01DDA6 - State
0xd90E9181B20D8D1B5034d9f5737804Da182039F6 - OneTrueKirk
0x7671f0615B1764fb4bf4b8dF06B7338843f99678 - Freddie Farmer

A read-only UI for the Tribal Council is available at:

The ID of the Tribal Council pod, which can be used to Nope, Tribal Council proposals is 25.


Any on-chain changes made by the Tribal Council are placed in a 96-hour timelock. During this period, any proposal can be vetoed by the DAO.

Further pods

The Tribal Council is able to deploy additional pods and authorise those pods with the powers necessary to govern a specific part of the protocol. When doing so, it is able to determine the pod membership and timelock delay duration.

It has admin repsonsibilities over those pods it creates and, amongst other powers, is able to:

  • Add pod members
  • Remove pod members