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How to Nope DAO veto

To directly create a Nope DAO veto on-chain follow these 3 steps:

1. Fetch the timelock ID of the pod proposal that should be vetoed

2. Go to the Tally Nope DAO proposal creator and create a veto proposal:

Tally Nope DAO Interface

  • Create a proposal to call the veto() method of the podAdminGateway contract. This contract allows the Nope DAO, Tribal Council and Security Guardian to veto a pod proposal, given the pod's ID and the proposal timelock ID Veto transaction
  • There is currently one live pod, the Tribal Council. It has a pod ID of 25. The timelock proposal ID that is being vetoed can be sourced from one of the destinations outlined in step 1.

3. If 10M TRIBE votes in favour, the Execute button on Tally will become available. Click to veto the pod proposal