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The Tribe DAO is a DeFi megaDAO made up of several sub-daos, with the collective goal of providing a suite of financial and liquidity services for all DAOs in DeFi. To operate at scale, the Tribe prioritizes permissionless infrastructure so that any project can benefit from the earliest stages.

The Tribe DAO has various protocols and services in its ecosystem. These include:

  • Fei Protocol: a decentralized stablecoin pegged to $1 USD
  • Rari Capital Fuse: the open lending and interest rate protocol
  • Turbo: a FEI liquidity accelerator and yield sharing protocol
  • Midas Capital: A multichain focused lending and interest rate protocol based on Fuse.

In addition, the Tribe focuses on advancing open source infastructure for other projects to benefit from including:

  • ERC-4626: The Tokenized Vault Standard
  • Flywheel: a suite of incentive and governance infrastructure
  • Check the Chain: a tool for historical data analysis of Ethereum and other EVM chains.

Browse through these docs to learn more about the Tribe DAO!